Thanks, Lost Property, Reports.

Firstly, thank you for all the feedback. All positive, all full of gratitude and appreciation for effort that Setanta Orienteers put in towards IOC 2014. I have forwarded feedback to rest of team and controllers. I should not forget GEN who Launched the weekend in fine fashion with the Sprint. Lost Property Grey Hoody Red … Continue reading


Middle Distance Stats

Middles Distance Stats Started 258 Finished 235 (91%) Fastest min/km per class Surname First name Min/km Class Club Course Healy David 07:58 M21E GEN 1 May Cian 08:24 M14 3ROC 8 Corbett Brian 09:21 M50L CORKO 3 Cotter Liam 09:42 M12 BOC 9 O’Sullivan Aoife 10:24 W12 BOC 9 Millar Ivan 10:28 M40L LVO 2 … Continue reading

Classic Stats

Classic day stats from Lough Firrib (excluding the 21 at Oakwood) Started 228 Finished 142 (62%) Fastest min/km per class Surname First name Min/km Class Club Course Pinker Marcus 09:55 M21E CorkO 1 Rektins Ingus 12:29 M45L FIN 4B Plaudis Gints 12:38 M40L WATO 3 Corbett Brian 12:58 M50L CorkO 4B Howe Frazer 13:44 M18A … Continue reading

No fog

Control collection on Tues View south from Assembly         East towards reservoir         West in direction of starts         North         NW from day 3 finish, Courses 1 & 2 were down left side of valley.         Control 31   … Continue reading

Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue

We are extending our gratitude to Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue for coming to the aid of and repatriation to their families of 2 M16s on Day 3. While preparations were bring undertaken for a full scale search, the 2 m16s had made their own way off the mountain and made contact with their families. … Continue reading

IOC Photos

Day 1 Sprint – Martin Flynn Day 1 part one Action Photography Day 1 Part 2 Day 1 part 3 Day 2 part 1 Day 2 part 2 Day 3 part 2 Day 3 Martin Flynn  

Day 2 & 3 pass

If you don’t have one at entry to service road, you will be checked off against start list and given pass which you can use for Day 3. Also ask for driver/passenger form if you don’t have one.